Any personal account for an online service. This includes any IT service you have set up an account for that is not maintained by any U-M IT support group. Examples include many cloud-based storage services, including DropBox, Evernote, iCloud, OneDrive (included in Microsoft Office 365), SugarSync, and so on. This also includes personal Google and other accounts—accounts outside the U-M domain that are not provided by the university.


Personally maintained services are those provided outside of the university that you sign up for or subscribe to on your own. They should never be used to maintain or share the university's sensitive data.External service providers, including cloud services, should not be used for university information that is private, personal, or sensitive, unless there is a contractual agreement between U-M and the service provider that protects the confidentiality of the information and data. Staff that use cloud computing services for university work are responsible for ensuring that sensitive information is not placed or stored in the cloud.Important Password Tip: When you create an account for a non-university service, do not use your UMICH password. Your UMICH password should be used only with services provided through the University of Michigan.


Restrictions Key
  • Permitted
  • Not Permitted
  • Permitted with Encryption