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Private Personal Information (PPI) is a category of sensitive information that is associated with an individual person, such as an employee, student, or donor. PPI should be accessed only on a strict need-to-know basis and handled with care.PPI is information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person. Personal information that is “de-identified” (maintained in a way that does not allow association with a specific person) is not considered sensitive.Appropriate protection of PPI that is not publicly available is required by Laws and Regulations Related to Handling Sensitive Protected Data, contractual obligations, and university policies. These regulations apply to PPI stored or transmitted on any type of media: electronic, paper, microfiche, and even verbal communication.


  • Employee Social Security Number
  • Employee National ID Number
  • Employee bank account numbers
  • Employee tax information
  • Employee date and location of birth
  • Employee country of citizenship
  • Employee citizenship status
  • Employee Visa permit data
  • Employee driver's license
  • Employee gender
  • Employee ethnicity
  • Employee disability information
  • Employee marital status
  • Employee military status
  • Employee criminal record
  • Employee home address
  • Employee grievance information
  • Employee discipline information
  • Employee leave-of-absence reason
  • Employee benefit information
  • Employee health information
  • Student grades/transcripts
  • Student class lists or enrollment information
  • Student financial services information
  • Student athletics or department recruiting information
  • Student credit card numbers
  • Student bank account numbers
  • Student wire transfer information
  • Student payment history
  • Student financial aid, grant, and loan information
  • Student tuition bills
  • Student ethnicity
  • Student advising records
  • Student disciplinary records


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